EUC Engineering has been awarded the work of facilitating and reporting upon a Hazard Study for a Pilbara iron ore mine expansion study. The work is for an engineering contractor who is undertaking the study. The work is targeted at completion before the end of November 2013.

EUC Engineering has been awarded the work of providing functional safety engineering support for the study phase of a project to upgrade the control systems of an underground mine's skip winder. The work includes development of a Functional Safety Management Plan and Competency Management Plan for later project phases.  EUC Engineering personnel Mike Dean and Michael Benson will work within the study team. The Study is due to complete its work by February 2014.

EUC Engineering was established and started operations on 19th August 2013. "EUC" in Australian Standards AS 61508 means "Equipment Under Control" and was chosen to represent what we are about and what we do. EUC Engineering has be formed by personnel formerly working for "Alberfield", including Mike Dean (who is EUC Engineering's Principal), Michael Benson (Engineer), Sam Carmody (Graduate Engineer) and Matt Sinclair (Undergraduate Engineer).