EUC Engineering has been engaged to conduct a half day HAZOP for the FEED stage of a design for an overland conveyor and transfer bin and feeder onto an existing overland conveyor.  Due to COVID restrictions on meeting face to face, the meeting was conducted by MS Teams software allowing sharing of screens and a virtual meeting.  EUC Engineering prepared for the HAZOP, facilitated, scribed and produced a report of the work carried out and its findings. 

EUC Engineering personnel have been engaged for inclusion as part of a corporate audit team addressing a metallurgical refinery operation in WA.  The EUC Engineering role is to address the refinery's high voltage electrical distribution systems, including asset condition, maintenance & asset management, operations, spares, risk management and loss prevention.  The wide ranging audit involves four days on site, with site inspections and interviews.  The audit deliverables include a number of findings and discussion points which will be provided to the refinery management and the corporate audit function.

A consulting firm has commissioned EUC Engineering to conduct Critical Risk Assessments (with an insurance industry focus) for Pilbara iron ore sites. The sites include power generation plants (four power stations), electricity transmission and distribution assets.  The work is part of a global program to identify and manage critical asset related business risks from a perspective of business continuity.  The deliverables from the work include a total of 8 reports addressing a range of facilities and networks.  For more information about this project call Mike Dean on +61 (0)448 103 028.

EUC Engineering has been awarded the work of facilitating and reporting upon a workshop to identify and risk assess the safety hazards and risks related to a project design for the replacement of the hydraulic systems which operate the wheel locks of a iron ore rotary car dumper at a Pilbara port.  The work involved facilitation of a half day workshop involving designers, vendor representatives and client end-users.  The work was aligned with the procedures for hazard identification and risk assessment laid down by the client end-user organization.  In addition the work involved providing advice on the need for the project to progress with a functional safety approach to various control elements and emergency stops in the design.  The deliverable from the work is a report on the workshop and outcomes.

EUC Engineering has been engaged to design an approach to project option comparative risk assessment, to facilitate a workshop of key stakeholders and the OEM and to report upon the outcomes.  The workshop will be conducted on a remote basis due to COVID pandemic control measures.  The workshop will be held over a half day.