EUC Engineering has been awarded the job of facilitating and reporting upon the preliminary engineering design of a series of chute and transfer tower modifications to an existing Pilbara iron ore port.  The workshops will comprise two half day sessions.  The work is by direct engagement to the iron ore producer.

EUC Engineering has been awarded the work to carry out HAZOP, HAZID and Functional Safety SIL Determination workshops and reports for a engineering company contracted to design and construct an iron ore ROM Pad, primary crusher and 13 km overland conveyor to an existing conveyor transfer point.  The project is valued at AUD1bn.  A total of three HAZOP, three HAZID and two functional safety workshops are forecast.  The machinery functional safety work is aligned with AS/NZS 4024:2019 and AS/NZS 62061:2019.  The work is targeted for completion by the end of 2020.

EUC Engineering has been awarded a job to carry out site inspections for loss prevention, business level risk assessments and consequence assessment and report preparation for use by the property insurance market for two dairy processing facilities within WA (one in Perth and the other in the SW of WA).

EUC Engineering was awarded a project to facilitate and report upon a HAZOP of a bauxite processing plant including ancillary processes and utilities during the feasibility studies for relocation of a bauxite mine and its crusher in the SW of WA.

EUC Engineering has been engaged by an engineering "design and construct" company, working on a large iron ore expansion project, to devise a methodology for establishing the SIL target for a remote isolation system for a 13 km long overland conveyor.  The work includes alignment of the methodology with the end user functional safety criteria and standards, as well as establishing a method to evaluate the permissable tasks to be carried out under a remote isolation (versus a conventional isolation).  The work includes facilitation of a workshop and preparation of a report to record the findings.  Central to the work is consideration of AS/NZS 4024.1603:2019 on prevention of unexpected starting of machinery.